A while ago we went for a longer FPV trip in Europe.
First planned stage: Millau Viaduct, France

The Millau Viaduct is the highest Bridge in the world! Absolutely impressive and beautiful construction... Check out those breathtaking shots!

But that trip also had some nasty surprises for us ;)

Some Facts:

- We still have all our equipment
- No Penalty at all from the French cops ;)
- The Millau Viaduct because it was our dream a while ago flying at the highest Bridge in the world! Absolutely Prestige.

And for you critical folks:

- We waited hours for the optimal time which traffic was near zero on the Bridge
- Flights were always at the same altitude and same direction as traffic, so if a failsafe occurs, plane would go down so nothing would happen
- Before a downsurf on the Bridge, spotter made sure no car was coming up
- All those proximity shots were made with our Wipeou wing (92cm wing)